I’m not sure if this is a classic “Italian” dish or “Italian American.”  I suspect the latter.  Not that it’s an important issue to me;  but, I know some people can be a little strict on what we call things.  Either way, this is an absolutely delicious dish, that is easy to make and fast, making it an ideal kicker up weeknight dinner. It’s also elegant enough for a weekend,  date night or to serve while entertaining.  

This really is just that simple, so if you’re still learning to cook, or looking for an easy dish to take some stress off while entertaining this is definitely one to consider.

To make this you’ll need:

AP flour 

SPG- 1 part coarse black pepper, half part salt half part garlic powder) 

Crushed red pepper 

chicken breast – butterflied and pounded even 

1 shallot- diced

3-4 toes of minced garlic 

Juice of one lemon 

One additional lemon sliced 

White wine- 1-2 cups 

Chicken stock- equal amount as wine

Capers- drained and rinsed 


Good extra virgin olive oil 

Parsley- chopped 

Pasta or vegetable to serve with – I prefer Angel hair 

Once you’ve prepped the shallot, garlic and parsley, you’ll butterfly the chicken and pond them out evenly with a meat mallet. 

Season both sides with SPG 

Season flour with SPG 

Dredge the chicken in the flour and set aside 

Get your skillet or pan nice and hot and drop the heat to medium low.

Add in olive oil and butter 

When the butter is melted and hot, add in the chicken and cook until browned on both sides (about 4-5 minutes a side)

Remove chicken and set on the side 

Into  the same pan add in the shallot and garlic (add some oil here if you don’t have enough) 

After 30 seconds be sure to scrape the flavor bits off the bottom

Add in the white wine and let reduce by half. 

Add in the capers, some parsley, crushed red pepper and the stock then let it reduce down a but more.

Add the chicken back in, along with more parsley and cover with the sauce and the lemon slices 

Serve with a side of pasta and/or vegetable.