This one is short, sweet and delicious

I’ve always enjoyed salad. Now that I’m trying to eat healthier and lose weight, I love salad even more.  I’ve also always enjoyed making dressings and sauces.  This dressing has been one of my favorites for a long time.  I’ve tried buying similar dressings; but none offer flavor like this.  

It’s so easy, you just take everything and drop it in a food processor or ninja, bottle it and you’re done.  I’m unsure how long it is shelf stable for, because I’ve never had a batch last longer than a few weeks. 

To make this we’ll need 

Half an avocado 

Your favorite Mayo- I use non or low fat 

Handful of fresh cilantro cilantro 

The juice of one lime -2 if they are really small 

some avocado oil or olive oil if you don’t have avocado

Again, just throw all ingredients into a blender, mix until combined uniformity, transfer to a condiment bottle and done