This is easily one of Americas Best Classic appetizers!  Who doesn’t love bacon wrapped- anything? If the Pig is a magical animal and the shrimps is the fruit of the sea….   Put the two together and you have a marriage made in heaven between the 2 most magical proteins.  It’s literally a magical fruit.  Not only that but it’s so easy to do, that it’s a crime not to do it. 

To make this we need:

A pound of bacon strips cut in half 

A pound of pealed and deveined Louisiana Gulf Shrimp (extra large or bigger) -leave the tail on. 

Ground mustard

Garlic powder

Onion powder 

Salt Pepper Garlic Powder 

Cajun or creole seasoning 

For the glaze:

Maple syrup 


Half a stick of butter 

Brown sugar 

Smoked paprika 

Peal and devein the shrimp, leaving the tail on. 

Rinse and pat dry the shrimp 

Mix together: ground mustard, SPG, garlic powder, onion powder and creole seasoning. 

Season the shrimps and set to the side 

Preheat oven to 400

Cut the bacon in half and place on a dry rack in an oven pan.

Bake the bacon for 5 minutes and remove to cool 

While the bacon is cooling make the glaze:

Melt a half stick butter and add in honey, maple syrup, brown sugar and smoked paprika 

Bring to boil and cook until thickened into a very thick syrup. 

Turn off heat and set aside 

Wrap the shrimps with the bacon and put a toothpick through to hold still. [if you wrap the bacon and slip the ends under the wrap you won’t need the toothpicks]

Bake an additional 5-10 minutes 

Remove from oven and brush glaze on both sides of the shrimp. 

Put into the oven for another 5 minutes then remove and serve

Garnish with green onion, chive or parsley 


Tip:  add some bourbon to the glaze and really kick it up big time!