This is really similar to Pho, with just a few slight differences incorporated. One of which is that I won’t be rinsing the noodle after they are cooked.  I want that starch incorporated in the soup. The toppings will also be a bit different than in the case of pho. Additionally, we will be throwing that seasoning packet in the trash in favor of some bone broth or pho broth. Feel free to use those packets if you want, I’m trying to avoid the sodium overload offered by a packet of salt and chicken bouillon. 

All that said what do we need? Use whatever toppings you like, I’m using these:

Ramen noodles- discard the seasoning packet

Green onions

Bone broth or pho soup broth 

Garlic – thinly sliced

Ginger- grated or chopped finely 

Bok choy- cut in subsections of 1/4 or 1/8 depending on size 

Bean sprouts

Grilled or sautéed chicken breast cut into thin strips 

Sliced Mushrooms (any kind you like) 

Salt, pepper garlic powder 

Cilantro -optional for garnish

Lime- optional for garnish 

Cut the green onions via separate the white part and slice those large and finely slice the green. 

You’re going to set the green aside as a topping. 

Cook down the garlic and white part of the green onion until they are just tender then set aside 

Cook down the mushrooms  in the same manner.  

I keep these repeated and will usually cook them in the same pan to save time

Blanch they bokchoy and beam sprouts in lightly salted water then set aside and lightly season with SPG 

Soft boil and peal the egg

Heat of the stock in one pot and cook the noodles in the same pot you blanched them Bokchoy in. Do not cook the noodles long; we want them aldente, so that they finish in the bowl with the hot broth. I generally use 1 pack of noodles for 2 servings. 

Garnish with any combo of green onion, cilantro and lime 

You’re done!! 

It’s that easy, now it’s just time for assembly. 

Put some of the cooked ramen in a bowl, cover with your desired amount of broth and then put the toppings of your choice in. 

If you are using the egg, be sure to cut the boiled egg on half. If you are using poached eggs, allow the diner the pleasure is breaking open the beautiful yellow yolk. 

Hope you all enjoy turning our college life save meal, into a fun adult dining experience! 

**tip- some sirache or Thai chili sauce are great little accompaniments for this

   Additional tip- a Soft Boiled or Poached egg on top can really makes this soup sing for some**