We’ve all been feeling the pain of rising grocery prices.  One side effect though is that lamb has become the same price as pork or chicken.  I love lamb and figured this price match would cause several people to explore the protein.  This is what I’ve found to be my favorite way to prep it. 

To do this we’ll need:

50/50 blend of high temp oil and olive oil 

1 stick of butter 






4 toes of garlic 



Cavenders greek seasoning 


Fresh cracked pepper 

First thing we are going to do is cube and soften the butter.  To that we will add the herbs,  chopped garlic, a touch of cayenne and some salt.

Blend it together well and fold it inside of some cling wrap then set in the fridge 

About 8-10 hours before you cook, add some salt pepper and cavenders to the lamb and place in the fridge. 

Be sure to remove the lamb about 20-30 minutes before cooking it. 

For the asparagus:

Asparagus- cut off the ends 



Good Olive oil 

Balsamic vinegar 

Chop the garlic and add the aspargus, SPG and about equal parts of olive oil and balsamic to a ziplock and let it rest in the fridge  for a few hours to overnight.

Take a cast iron or thick bottom skillet and get it nice and hot. 

Add in some of the blended oil.  We are blending it because olive oil has a low smoke point and we don’t want it to rancid.  

Sear the lamb for about 4-5 minutes a side  on medium- high heat.  

Drop the heat to medium low and add in some cubes of the compound butter to baste the lamb with.  Let it cook for an additional 5 minutes.

Remove it from the heat and place some butter on top. Let it rest for ten minutes before slicing 

While the lamb is resting take another skillet and add in the asparagus.  Let it cook while the marinade reduced down and the asparagus starts to char:  


Prep the lamb to your preferred temp:

Personally like it around 135. 

Rare: 120-125 degrees F

Medium-rare: 125-130 degrees F

Medium: 130-135 degrees F

Medium-well: 135-140 degrees 

Well-done: 140+ degrees F

Another side that goes great with this is roasted sweet potato and carrots